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Pretzel Wagon

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Reality Kitchen’s Pretzel Wagon is cookin’ !

We are daily modeling our alternative approach to educating and preparing these individuals to successfully realize their employment and personal independence goals. Our Pretzel Wagon is our “flagship” out in the community and we’re so grateful to have benefitted from the kind and gracious support of so many friends and donors that have joined together to give us such a highly visible means to offer an additional site for our program participants to gain a unique set of experiences outside of our retail cafe and wholesale bakery location at 645 River Road.

We began our efforts to launch our Pretzel Wagon as our “flagship” out into the community for a few years now. After a grant we received from the RW Family Fund through the Oregon Community Foundation, we found we needed additional assistance to complete the cart to Lane Health Department specifications. Todd Glenz, President of McKenzie Commercial Construction, Summit Bank, members of the Eugene Builders Exchange and a growing number of construction companies have partnered with Reality Kitchen to complete this cart and make it better than we had any hopes of it becoming. We are most grateful for their support of our program goals.   


Once in place and operating, our goal and commitment has been to have this cart entirely run by our job skills training program participants. Our belief is that siting this Pretzel Cart close to the Knight Library, College of Education and School of Special Education at the University of Oregon will inspire the imaginations of general ed and special educators to alternative approaches when offering community inclusive Employment Path experiences to this special population of learners, as well as create internship opportunities for students in the UO Special Education Program.